No, YOU’RE a Seadragon

I work (somewhat indirectly, it turns out) for Microsoft, specifically in the Seadragon group of the Live Labs (with me so far?).  The flaming morass of bureaucracy and nerdery of said corporation is truly amazing.  By that I mean, I face palm roughly 7 times a day.  That’s not the point; I really just wanted an excuse to write the words “flaming morass”; I’m basically 3 years old.

My  post today is about the hilarity of misspelled words.  Or words that are spelled correctly, but still dumb, for one reason or another.  Recently my group (remember Seadragon?  You JUST read it in the first paragraph.  Sheesh people, if you aren’t going to pay attention…. nevermind) had a small blip on the news radar because some of our technology shipped in another Live Labs (I’m not even going to ask if you remember this one, really) project called Pivot.  That blip was written by Tech Crunch and also carried by the Washington Post.  It was a good article, with some interesting details about the product(?) and it’s “uses”.  Fuck that though, I really don’t think you care about a tech article about a thing you’ve probably never heard of, used, wanted to hear of or use, or… anything really.

I loved the article because it referred to Seadragon as C-Dragon.  A quick search for C-Dragon immediately brings you to this Urban Dictionary article (warning, thar be extreme language here):

a more eloquent way to call someone a cunt.

common alt. spellings, c dragon, sea dragon, etc.
origin – sounds a little like c-rag, especially the verb c-ragin’

“becky is such a c-dragon, i can’t believe i was able to sit through an entire dinner just to fuck her.”

Naturally, Microsoft, the amazing machine of PR that it is, has gotten the article corrected but if you do this Google search… you’ll see the cached text in the very first search result.  See you dragons later.


No, YOU’RE a Seadragon

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