That’s spelled h-a-n-e-s

Since time immemorial (when I got a smart phone 2-3 years ago) I’ve kept a list of fictional band names somewhere on the device. Usually I’ll be riffing with some friends or colleagues and something will strike my fancy and down it will go on the list. I present them to you, for your consideration (and if you want to use one, in fiction or in life, all I ask is a producer credit):

Pancakes on fire
Tricks between bricks
Puppet necromancy
Cake overload
Full frontal entropy
Secret facial hair
Fragrant urinal
A day off of crazy
Spoon shaven.
End of Awesome
The Patron Embargo
Confluence of Random
The bargain bin of humanity
Psychadelic Octopus
Street Bison
Bleeding cuteness
Green flourescent protein foam
Emo Sex Doll Love Child
Accidental Glitter
50 lbs of perfect
Pri 3 spoonful.
3′ disaster
Babble for Babel
Spinning coasters
Taco ballerina
Precarious bongos

What’s your favorite? Do you have some that should be included?

That’s spelled h-a-n-e-s

2 thoughts on “That’s spelled h-a-n-e-s

  1. Manda says:

    I love Pancakes on fire; it’s like a ticklish spot in my brain. 😀

    (it looked like fun…soo yeah)
    The Bubble Brigade
    Drunken belly dancers
    Twisted chord
    Tanning bed accidents
    The Skyscraper Farm
    Tone Deaf Crickets
    Chasing Chaos
    Checkmate Rebellion
    Intergalactic Pu-baa

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