6 degrees of Kerning Bacon.

That it is such a well-known phenomenon/thing/whatever the fuck it is, is hilarious. Like a clown shoe. Sadly, I know what it is, and sadder still, I actively engage in the act of kerning. I kern. I am a kerner. Kernit the Frog, if you will. Though take that with a kernal of… corn. Salty corn.

In any case, the discussion of kerning was brought up today by a friend of mine after I shared a comic on my Google Reader Share page. He didn’t understand kerning, or rather, he didn’t understand why it was a big deal, as “this has no bearing on anything besides aesthetics”. *Facepalm*. Never fear, I am not here to tell you why kerning is important, we’ve got too many degrees to cover.

This nugget (see, I don’t always take the easy pun) of wisdom that I gleaned from this conversation was the understanding of how people can stand to use Android. There is apparently a gang of people who aren’t bothered by the niggling bits of polish that make up good, functional, design. Like the group of people for whom artificial sweeteners taste bitter. By which I mean, they are in some way deficient on a genetic level.

So I started wondering what were the bits on my shiny iPhone 4 that irritated me the most. What small detail did I overlook in my rapturous love affair with my phone. I think what bugs me the most is that I can set a custom ringtone, but not a custom noise-my-phone-makes-when-I-get-a-text (can we please coin a term for that?). Oh… what’s that? It’s already in the beta version of the phone OS? Hmmm. Ok.


6 degrees of Kerning Bacon.

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