Under Siege 3: Camel Justice

Saying that Egypt has been in the news lately is like saying that yaks are kind of hairy. Or that buying a llama is kind of a stupid idea. It’s one of those gross understatements that you expect from the British when they talk about the weather, or from hipsters when they talk. The news coverage has been on the TV, radio, and in teh blags with such aggressive regularity that it’s hard to pin point exactly what the most memorable thing about it is. What keeps popping up in my face, like the meta-phallus of the entire blogosphere (are we still using that moronic word?), is that timeline image showing that the Egyptian President has been the same since the US got Reagan.

After staring at it for the 11th time, (though it was actually this version, not the original, thanks @cdills) I began to hallucinate, and like any reasonable human being, set out to make this hallucination a reality via Photoshop:

In the early years, Seagal is a dead ringer for the President of Egypt, though I admit the later years have some… differences. This I blame on the turn each of their careers took; Mubarak still being a dictator, and Seagal doing whatever he did after his movie “career”. Raping a banjo or something.

So who knows, maybe now that Hosni is in the process of being oustered from Egypt, he too can star in his own terrible movies or pretend to play the blues. Or maybe Steven Seagal can star in the movie that will surely be made of this event. I’m sure he’s available.


Under Siege 3: Camel Justice

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