An open letter to people who were upset at the Grammys

Heeeeeey buddies. Hey. It’s been a long time. About a year, actually. I know we don’t talk all that often, because, well, I think people who are wrapped up in the Grammys are also wrapped up in Everybody Loves Raymond, and I just don’t condone that.

But here we are, you and I, and I have something to say. I don’t want to hear you speak; you’ve made your feelings on the subject as clear as your grasp of English will allow. I’m not going to lecture you (well… maybe I am), and I’m not going to make fun of you (ok, that’s an outright lie), I just want you to understand something:

You are all idiots.

WAIT! That came out wrong. What I mean is that you are all fucking imbeciles. Shit. That just keeps coming out… let me try a different approach.

Do you remember the 80’s (sorry Bieber fans, this was a magical time when your parents were still happy)? The music of the 80’s was unoriginal. This isn’t to say it was bad per se (it was) or that there wasn’t some really good, lively, inspiring music from that era (it was called punk). But the 80’s had sort of taken rock and roll to it’s logical conclusion, weaponized it, and aimed it at your wallet. It took an infusion of vitality and rawness from punk, post-punk, and grunge to start creating new, interesting music on a large scale.

I am not saying that we’re facing the same problems as we did in the 80’s. We’re getting interesting, awesome, and varied music from a variety of sources.

The point is that the Arcade Fire point pop/rock in some interesting directions. The album isn’t my favorite, but it’s delightful nonetheless. I urge you to give it a listen, or 3. Another point is that GaGa, Eminem, et al aren’t doing anything new. Is it good? Yes. Is it interesting? Absolutely, but it’s still not new MUSIC, it’s new packaging. Amazing packaging in some cases, but it’s Andy Warhol all over again.

So yes, I’m aware that not everyone has heard of the Arcade Fire, but the Grammys isn’t about rewarding the artist with the most sales. We have the VMAs or sales charts for that. The funniest thing for me, however, is that when Suburbs was released, I felt as though the band had gotten too big to represent the indie scene very well.


An open letter to people who were upset at the Grammys

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