Like a BOSS!!!

I have a big mouth (that’s what she… damnit, I shouldn’t do that to myself). Accordingly you’ve probably heard from me that I work on the Firefox Panorama project. That tidbit out of the way, I can explain to you that I was writing a FAQ for the feature for the upcoming Fx4 release. In the course of this process, I sent an email to the team with some of the preliminary questions that we might want to ask.

By far the best response suggested that I highlight Panorama’s “Boss Mode” wherein users create a separate group which contains all of the pages they don’t want their boss to see them surfing. We helpfully included a “next group” keyboard command (ctrl/cmd + `), so that when your boss walks in, he or she doesn’t see LinkedIn.

Not only is this hilarious, I think it highlights a new internet rule: any new innovation will immediately be used to shirk your job.


Like a BOSS!!!

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