Muppet Salad

First, in the course of ruminating over this blog I came across the Muppet Wiki… which subsequently took up my entire weekend. When I emerged from the depths of my roommate’s LoveSac (it’s a chair, assholes), unshaven and strangely attracted to anthropomorphized animals, I had a revelation. I realized that all of the dictators in the Middle East are all wrong about cutting of internet to their rioting countries. What they should be doing is having EVERYTHING redirect to the Muppet Wiki.

In any event, this post is merely to highlight a delightful coincidence. That the set of all Muppets and the set of all Salads has only one intersection:

One could make the argument that I should have included the Swedish Chef (for a Chef Salad, obviously), but I… am not sure I’d want to eat whatever a Swedish Chef Salad turned out to be.


Muppet Salad

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