A royal occassion

They are estimating that 23 billion people watched the Royal wedding. TWO TO THREE…. BILLION. I’ll let that sink in.

If you haven’t offed yourself yet at the sheer horror of a third to a half of the world’s population having watched the newest episode of “when hemophiliacs breed: the beginning”, just wait. I got more.

They have reruns.

That’s right, in case you weren’t one of the people (the two or three billion) who caught it last night, you’ve still got a chance to see it for the first time. Or better yet, maybe you can start dissecting it as if it were a sporting event?

“Oh, Kate’s last few steps there were a little off cadence with the music; I’m sure the Minister of Qwghlm will have words with her. We’re being told that she may have to wear the Shame Crown instead of her normal one.”

My real fear here is that these reruns get syndicated and sold to TBS, forcing us to re-watch Baldy & the Princess every year for Mother’s Day. Or Christmas. Or after Saved by the Bell.

The only thing that could redeem this “event” is if the British government sold the advertising rights to offset the 40 million dollars they spent putting it on. They are the content creators, after all.


A royal occassion

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