The evolution of an artist

Watching an artist evolve is something really great, especially when that artist rewards you by, you know, getting better. Perhaps this is true of all artists, but it is something I’ve specifically noted about the electro-mash-up-remix-ologist Pogo. If you don’t know Pogo, you should; his shtick is to take small bits of movies and craft them into a song. By bits, I mean ambient noises, parts of the score, snippets of conversation… anything.

Pogo’s first foray was dubbed “Wonderland”, and as you might expect (if you have a soul), it featured mostly Alice and Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass samples. My favorite from this offering, and indicative of the EP as whole, is entitled Bread and Butterlies:

The song is boisterous, interesting and, let’s be honest, not that great. The concept grabbed me more than anything else, and hey, it was 2008; hardly the worst music to come out of 3 years ago. I give that honor to a “Band” called Amaranthe, formed in 2008.

Fast forward to 2011 and Pogo offers us another Disney remix, called Bloom

… if you don’t like that, I urge you to sign up for AARP. Cause you’re old. Also, prune juice.


The evolution of an artist

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