A proposal of no modesty

Every now and then someone brings up the idea of splitting the US up into two different countries. You know, so everyone’s lives would be easier, and we wouldn’t have to deal with politics. Or each other. So I took a stab at figuring out how this would work out!

I guess the only fair way would be to make a “blue state” and a “red state”.

But, we’d offer to swap CO and NM with GA and NC. I suppose we could get finer-grained than THAT, but then we’d end up with every major city and most universities as little blue oases. The red states would lose what little education and industry centers they have, and the blues would lose a lot of food production. so I think these are decent divisons.

I guess the only problem is, the red states wouldn’t have much of an economy, really:

… and you’d have to drastically change how federal funds are spent, as the reds tend to receive more dollars than they collect:

Oh, and they’d have amazingly high health costs, as that appears to contain most of the fattest states:

… And education’s tough for the reds, though there are a few brightish spots (Nebraska and Kansas are in the top 15!):


I have a sneaking suspicion that the reds would have more food production, but between urban farming and, say, California and Washington, we’re on our way.

Then of course, you’d have to deal with the internal politics of each country! I’m not sure the Santorum-clan would get along with the Ron Paul folk. So you’d probably have just as large of divisions in the new states! Even the blue states would face these internal problems.


A proposal of no modesty

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