End-to-almost-end prototyping please

you know what i want?

a goddamn web white-boarding/prototyping tool that’s “end to almost end”. let me wireframe by drawing little black boxes IN MY BROWSER to show a site flow.


then let me click on those boxes to wireframe each page.


THEN let me add css styling incrementally.


… you could even let me put content in there, just to see how it looks.

and no Balsamiq Sans anywhere. dear god, please.

i’ve tried https://webflow.com, and it feels like it’s on the right track, but it’s merely a component of what i want. the ability to see a project from the top down, all the way to individual pages, to have your entire work flow in one area, is a really attractive idea to me. and if the controls could look like Adobe Creative Suite, all the better :).


End-to-almost-end prototyping please

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